Friday, October 17, 2014

That's What Friends Are For Charity & Freebies

Welcome to a very special, crucial blog edition.

The wonderful thing about being a part of the digi-scrap community is the way we come together from all over the world to raise money for a cause, a catastrophe or a friend in need.

This time we come together for one of our own. Melissa Melanson-Dawes (aka LissyKay Designs) just underwent her 14th spine operation and now has to face yet another operation. She has had to take her 3rd leave of absence from work and will have to stay on bed rest following this next operation through the end of the year. With all the medical bills and cost of living, the family is not in a financial position to do this, but has no choice as Melissa's spine damage has worsened to the point that she was losing the ability to walk.
Still recovering from the last round of surgeries, the family now finds themselves in an even worse position than before. Melissa still needs more treatment and the family is facing losing their small condo due to their finances being drained. We hope that you will join in and help the Dawes family during their time of need so that Melissa can continue to receive the life-saving care she requires. They have kept the drastic nature of their situation quite private, but it is at a point they stand to lose what little they have and this will impact the further care Melissa needs.
Many know Melissa has struggled for years, but most don't know this all started when she was in a car accident as a teenager. Her husband, Alan, works 2 jobs but this barely touches the debt they have had to take on for Melissa's medical treatment. Doctors believe they finally have a solution to prolong Melissa's physical abilities and with all things going right, she will be able to work for a few more years. The doctor does not expect her to have many years left of employment and she will have to take a permanent disability. 
Many thanks to the 22 amazing designers have come together to help raise money for this wonderful family:

2 Curly Headed Monsters, A Fish Designs, A Little Giggles Designs, Angel Wing Scraps, Anne-Marie Designs, Arizona Girl, Cajun Diva Scraps, Christine Martin, Created by Jill Scraps, Dana's Footprints, Dream4Ever Designs, Ginger's Scraps N Pixels, Jilbert's Bits of Bytes, LouCee Creations, Manu Scraps, NBK Designs, Patty B Scraps, Studio Wendy, The Urban Fairy, Studio4 Designworks, Dagi's Temp-tations & Zesty Designs and their super talented Creative Teams who have created such wonderful layouts for your inspiration!

"That's What Friends Are For" is Available for for a limited time for just $15 at:GingerScraps & GDS.
Take a look at this AMAZING Collaboration! 
All proceeds (less Paypal fees) from the sale will be donated to the Dawes family.
If you care to donate privately, please visit their family page HERE
Here's a peek at just a few of the wonderful layouts created with this amazing kit!
While you're grabbing up this wonderful collab at GingerScraps or GDS, make sure to visit Melissa's stores while you are there
Many thanks from us to you!
Lissy's awesome templates.

 Lissy's Templates Lissy's Templates
 Lissy's Templates
 Lissy's Templates They are fabulous, easy to use, flexible and with the shadows already installed.  I highly recommend them for your scrappy endeavours.
Let's take a look at some inspiration from Ginger and her illustrious, Creative Team, the collection and some nice treats for Ginger's generous fans.

Here is a closer look at the collaboration.

Here is a closer look at Ginger's contribution.

We've got a couple of freebies floating around Digi Land.  Check them out, below.
 Free Frame Cluster

Sorry for the inconvenience.  This freebie has a glitch, but we'll get it work'n!

 Ginger's Blog Freebie

Please, keep in mind that these folks are from all over the world and may not have their blogs live yet.  Also, many of us will be offering more freebies, sporadically to encourage more generous, kind hearted people like you, to help out our friend Lissy.

 Kim's Freebie

Thanks for finding the time to read through Ginger's blog.  We hope you also find it in your heart, to help Lissy.  Thank you!

And if that is not enough there is another Freebie on Ginger's Facebook page!
Remember to leave some love....for all the Designers and Creative Teams contributions as this has been a labor of love for several weeks!

 Chandra's Blog

Please don't forget to head over to Go Digital Scrapbooking and Gingers Scraps to purchase the entire

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shadowing Tips From Ginger's Scraps N' Pixels

Hi there, Scrappy Divas!  Lisa-Lisa from The Cherry On Top bringing you today's blog-a-roonie.  Ginger is always trying her best to make the Creative Team stand a part.  She's been giving us some help with shadows and I thought I'd share the shadowing tips with you, too.  The instructional imagery you see is for Photoshop and PSE, but the rest of the images, links and tips can be used in any program.

Ginger's Tip and handy screen shot:  "Points of interest. This is where you can adjust the color of your drop shadow by clicking on the black box and choosing another. The circle with the degrees, is where you can change direction of the shadow. The sliders change size, spread and distance. Just try them to see if that is what you want. I pretty much leave these alone since I have an action for drop shadows. "

Some other tips on shadowing are, the darker the shadow, the closer it should be to your page while the lighter and bigger it is, the further it is from your page or at least the illusion that your element is further from the page.

I didn't really get the skinny on shadowing until a designer bought me drop shadow actions.  Boy!  Was that an eye opener.  They only cost a couple of bucks and will change your scrapbooking for sure.  Your layouts will jump right off of the page and come to life and all with a click of an icon.

Me and My Shadow Styles By Chelle's Creation can be found here.

See the difference?  My first image (a freebie from a while back) has all of the shadows taken out.  While the second image has the shadows.  Take a close look at that gorgeous, centre brooch.  You can really see the shadow in action and how depth and dimension is added to your page.

 Here's a layout without and with shadows so you can see shadows on a larger scale.

Another thing you can do is look at other layouts with awesome shadowing.  I do that, too!  There is so much to learn, isn't there?!

Here's a little sentiment I found this morning.  I thought it was perfect.

Thank you for coming by the blog.  Enjoy your day!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October's Tea Cup Fairy Freebie

Have you missed all the Tea Cup Fairies?  I have been making them each month, but since Facebook was not playing nice. I have been putting them in my store for free, for two weeks. After the two weeks they went to a small fee of $1.99 each.  If you have missed any of the previous month's kit you can now go back and purchase them.

Here is a look at last month's and all the previous months.

Fall is on it ways and the New October Mixology will be releasing on October 24th.
So keep your eyes open for some freebies from my newest mixology collection.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Just The Right Photo!! plus Halloween Freebie

G'Day or Good to you!

I'm Elly Denise, an Aussie girl (Australia the Land Down Under) and I am a very proud CT for Ginger under her design name Ginger's Scraps N Pixels and it is exciting for me to write for her blog.

Since becoming addicted to digital scrapbooking, and as a CT, I have learnt that 'just the right photo' can make or break a layout. A photo, no matter how beautiful or precious, sometimes just doesn't work with a kit due to the kit's palette or theme.

Finding 'just the right photo' faster I have started to sort photos into themed folders. This works well for me especially for the seasons as I live in the Southern Hemisphere and when I am having fun at the beach the Northern Hemisphere is playing in the snow or just plain freezing.

Yes it is a big job to sort out my many photos but I am trying to kill two birds with one stone by photographic family history for my grandchildren. I'll probably get lost down Memory Land and have a cry or laugh along the way but what the heck.

This year I purposely took photos in May/June to match the Fall/Autumn kits coming to Ginger's Scrap N Pixels store at
GoDigitalScrapping (GDS). I love the colours within the colors of orange, red, brown and purple which make for brilliant photos.

Here are two photos I am going to scrap this season with Ginger's Fall/Autum Kits.

 Hope you enjoyed this and will be adding tips along the way . . . .  Elly

Halloween Flairs Freebies

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


If you are new to my blog, I am sure you are wondering about the two little girls in the title. Believe it or not that is my older sister, Sherry, and myself dressed in our finest one Easter morning. My entire blog is designed using the kit "Angels Among Us" I created this kit in the memory of my sister, Sherry, Who I lost 3 days after Christmas last year. There hasn't been a day that goes by that I don't miss her. She and I loved scrapping together and it was Sherry who convinced me I ought to try my hand at designing. 

October is a special month for me, as it is my sister's birthday and my granddaughter, Kadence, birthday as well. Both born on Oct. 14th.  I believe that God gave me Kadence to help me through the hard times.

Since I can't do a birthday gift for her, I want to give one to all my followers. A coupon code
good for 50% on the kit and cluster pack. 

This coupon is good til the end of the month.

And to get the party rolling here is a beautiful
freebie just for stopping by!

Have a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Hallow's Eve and A Magnificent Freebie

Welcome to Ginger's Scraps N' Pixels!

This is Lisa-Lisa from The Cherry On Top.  I am so excited to be bringing you Ginger's fabulous new release, All Hallow Eve!  It's packed with unique goodies that you won't find just anywhere and wait until you see what the creative team has whipped up.  You'll be coming back here when you're in need of a dose of mojo.

Let's get started!

Everything you would want in a Halloween kit, right?!  There are 82 elements, 16 papers and an alpha.  Fantastic!  Ghosts, witches, haunted houses, pumpkins, autumn leaves, potions, apples, bows, spiders, cauldrons, lamps...But WAIT!  Even Ginger didn't realise just how versatile her kit was until I designed up something super special.  Keep scrolling through the lovely Creative Team Inspiration and see what I have for you.

All of the previews have been linked up to the Go Digital Scrapbooking Store for your ease and so you can take a closer look as well as peruse the store for more fabulous deals and beautiful designs.


All Hallow Eve is on sale right.  So head over to Go Digital Scrapbooking and grab it while it's hot off the press!

I love these gorgeous papers.  Look at the depth and texture in these, babies!  The colours are deliciously warm and inviting you to crop and create with them and that's exactly what ya should do! Get scrap'n!



Let's take a look at what the Creative Team has done with All Hallow Eve.

I must explain.  I'm presenting you, these layouts in a large format for a couple of reasons.  You can see the detail, it's easier to follow and most important you can Pin them individually to your favourite Pinterest Boards.  The blog may appear a bit longer, but it's all for the better.  Enjoy the show and don't forget to grab the FREEBIE I designed for you, at the bottom of the blog.

There's even more work from the Creative Team over on Pinterest
  Click here to see more lovely inspiration from Ginger's Gals!

We've got all kinds of goodies dancing all over the place.  So, make sure you bounce and bop until you have them all and yes!  You can expect this with all new releases.  We have big plans for the blog that I know you are going to love.  I plan on providing our fans with hybrid projects for you with every new release.  Not familiar with hybrids?  Head over to Ginger's Pinterest Board, Hybrid Hook Up.  It's just in the making, but will be hopping soon!  Hybrids are digital scraps that you can print and create for gifts, traditional scrap albums or really anything you can imagine from your very own printer.  Like the one I have for you here.

Can you believe that this is from All Hallow Eve?!  I told you it was really versatile.  I'm making some fabulous, hybrid gift tags that are available, on my blog, The Cherry On Top.  There is also something fabulous waiting for you on Ginger's Facebook Page. We'll have that ready for you soon! 

To download this free poster, simply click on the image and it will be saved automatically to your downloads.  To download the other magnificent freebies, click on the corresponding images and visit our other fun social outlets. ATTENTION: This freebie will be available for one week only!

 The Cherry On Top Free Download

These are the FREE tags designed by The Cherry On Top.  Click on the image to get there and grab'em!

Thank you for the visit!  Do it again, some time!

Not done about a Facebook Freebie as well???? I made this photo mask especially for you guys today.  Give me a few minutes to get it posted, so if you don't see it check back later.

just click on the image and like a witch in the night
you'll be whisked away